Aspen helps you adapt to learning at any distance.

Follett Aspen® Student Information System is helping school districts adapt to the pandemic with enhancements for distance learning plans.

Build complex schedules with ease.

Implement flexible scheduling structures to respond to the need for traditional, remote and hybrid learning. Aspen SIS enables you to transition between delivery models, include cohorts in your structure and take remote attendance.

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Process mobile-friendly, daily COVID questionnaires fast.

Eliminate the time-consuming and resource-intensive paper questionnaire process by offering paperless questionnaires through the mobile-friendly Aspen family portal. Students and parents can complete the questionnaires on a laptop or mobile device, and the SIS houses the questionnaires for your reporting needs.

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Distance learning is simpler when using the tools you already own.

Don’t forget that Aspen SIS is integrated with Follett Destiny® Library Manager. This integration enables teachers to share resources from the school library to support instruction. Students can search the catalog, in person or remotely.

This integration is included in the system and, when combined with Aspen’s online gradebook and student portal capabilities, enables schools to provide immediate and flexible distance-learning opportunities – from online homework submission to independent reading and research.

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Move and use your data with confidence.

Export data with ease, and connect to your learning management system using industry standards such as Ed-Fi and OneRoster®, as well as a custom API authoring tool.

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Aspen SIS can help with your plans right now! Find out how.